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Complete Nonsense - Nonsense Poems Collection

A selection of funny short poems by a variety of poets.

A Ballad Of Bedlam

A Country Summer Pastoral

A Norrible Tale

A Song of Thanks

A Tragic Story

An Unsuspected Fact

As I was Standing in the Street



Beasties Large and Small

Chorus from The Bread-Knife Ballad


Down the Stream the Swans All Glide

Excerpt from The Monotony Song



Gentle Doctor Brown


Go North, South, East and West, Young Man


How to treat Grandma

Humpty Dumpty's Recitation

Hyder Iddle

I Said



King Arthur

Like To The Thundering Tone

Lines By An Old Fogy

Lunar Stanzas


More Nonsense Verses

Mr Kartoffel

Mr. Finney's Turnip

My Dream

Nonsense Verses

Oh you cannae thro' a sandwich oot a 20 story flat

Portrait of the Artist as a Prematurely Old Man


Scientific Proof

Sing For The Garish Eye

Skinny Malinky Longlegs

Some Hallucinations

Sonnet Found In A Deserted Mad House


Spirk Troll-Derisive

That Head

The Cares of a Caretaker

The Cumberbunce

The Cumberbunce

The Happy Family

The Hunter

The Ichthyosaurus

The Ingenious Little Old Man

The Jim-Jam King Of The Jou-Jous

The Jumblies

The Lugubrious Whing-Whang

The Man In The Moon

The New Vestments

The Ocean Wanderer

The Panther

The Pobble Who Has No Toes

The Rollicking Mastodon

The Shipwreck

The Sloth

The Sneeze

The Spangled Pandemonium

The Terrible People

The Thingumbob

The Two Old Bachelors

The wee cock sparra sat oan a barra

The Whango Tree

The Witch

The Yonghy-Bonghy-Bo

There's Nothing to Eat in this House, Mum!

Three Children

Three craws sat upon a wa

Three Hens

Three Jovial Huntsmen

'Tis Midnight

'Tis Sweet To Roam

To Marie

Turvey Top




Uncle Simon And Uncle Jim


Ways And Means

We Three Kings

Winkelman Von Winkel

Wonders Of Nature

Wrong Recipe

You canna shove your granny off a bus




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