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Complete Nonsense of Stuart Macfarlane
Poems, Limericks Scripts and Stories by Scottish Poet Stuart Macfarlane.
Stuart has written a number of books including; Medusa Island, The Secret Diary of Adrian Cat, The Little Book of Stress, Old Wrecks Jokes.

Website: Stuart Macfarlane



Birthday Wish

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One Two Three

Sister Trouble


Crash Bang Wallop

Banish Blue Days With This Mantra:

Do something silly

Mary-Jane McSunder

Always look on the bright side of life

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Red Robin



Horse Whispers


Love and Marriage


Our Prayer for You

Cupid's Arrow

Early Learning

  << Note: these poems are copyright Stuart Macfarlane>>  


Check out our other Nonsense -  Complete Nonsense

Medusa Island - by Stuart and Linda Macfarlane

A fabulously funny fantasy fiction novel for children.
Website: Medusa Island



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